week five: they know


it’s P day again! On a Tuesday…whaaa? Yep. P day on a Tuesday. So yesterday instead of our normal preparation day we had zone
conference!! Basically, 4 of the zones in our mission met together and had a roughly 6 hour conference. And Elder Dube of the quorum of the seventy came to speak to us. He’s a little biased to our mission, because his son is serving here! Which is super awesome. But I’ll talk more about zone conference later! As usual, tons and tons of stuff happened this week and I have so many thoughts that I hope will make sense but here we go…

So Tuesday night was honestly one of the hardest nights of my life. But it ended on a good note. Monday during the day we got a
notification that we had a new referral from Mormon.org, someone wanted a Book of Mormon! We were sooo excited. So we went over the next morning, no answer, we were pretty sure nobody was home. Then later in the afternoon we tried again, this time there was a car in the driveway, still no answer. Then after an appointment that night, we stopped by around 8:15ish. No answer. While we were waiting to knock again, we heard a man behind us yell “what do you want?” It was the man who had asked for a book of mormon. He had come out of the side door of his house and walked around to sneak up on us. We started to talk to him and he immediately started yelling and cussing at us about how he didn’t believe in God and how he didn’t want us to come because he thought that the Book of Mormon would be shipped in the mail. He only wanted the book to bash it. He’s already read it before. And he also told us that earlier that day when we had come, he saw us and didn’t answer on purpose, and then when we showed up again he wanted to scare us on purpose because we “shouldn’t be out so late” even though it was only 8:15 and we can be out till 9. I’ve honestly never felt so unsafe or scared in my life. I was shaking and so scared of what was going to happen. I wanted to just walk away so badly but I thought he was going to chase us or something, and I wanted to stand up for what I believe in. After standing there being yelled at for 15 minutes I finally broke down. When I started crying he said some really mean things, and sister burns and I ran to our car. I have not had a panic attack like that in a long time. Also if was the first time I’ve cried since I left on my mission. It was honestly really rough. Thank goodness sister burns and I are so close. We stopped and sat for awhile in the car and then sister burns realized I should get a priesthood blessing. So we went and I got a blessing of comfort from one of my zone leaders, Elder Visser. My testimony of priesthood blessings has grown sooo much. I can honestly say that after that blessing, I felt like God was patting me on the back and telling me that I’m doing the right thing. I’m so grateful to have the restored gospel and priesthood on the earth.

That was super hard…but the rest of the week has been incredible and miraculous and so so wonderful. So the church came out with this year’s Christmas video, A Savior is Born. It is super different from last year’s videos, but I’m telling you, this video has worked miracles. On Saturday we went out to find people to share the video with. For most of the morning and afternoon we were super busy and didn’t get to do a lot of missionary work. We were worried that we wouldn’t get to actually teach! But we went out and knocked on this man named Ed’s door. Sister burns and her previous companion had already met with him before but he didn’t seem super interested. We wanted to be sure though, so we went to see him again. We showed him the video, which led us into talking about the restoration, and tons of other stuff. At one point he got really emotional and said he had to go. I asked if we could quickly say a prayer since he seemed a little disoriented, and the spirit was crazy strong. Then we went to some random people who we knocked into on thanksgiving and told us to come back another time. The first was a guy named Byron. We went right into the video which led again into the restoration. We talked with him for awhile, he was so nice and respectful. He even asked where our church is and when the services are. then we said a prayer with him and he told us that his grandma is not doing well, so we prayed for her. And we are planning on teaching the plan of salvation with him next time we meet šŸ™‚ then, we went to go find someone else but they weren’t home, so we knocked on their neighbor’s door. A high school aged boy came out and we showed him the video. He told us he doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ and was raised Catholic but doesn’t believe any of it, or anything really. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he told us he wanted to read it because he loves to read and would finish it in a week or so. He was very respectful and said we could come back next week. Then last night we went to go see this 17 year old girl named Miranda who had told us to come back the night before. We showed her the video, and basically she told us that she was raised Catholic but hasn’t been to church in awhile. She’s trying to regain her faith back, but doesn’t really know what she believes. We taught her about the restoration and the Book of Mormon, and also about prayer. She’s never said a personal prayer out loud before, so we showed her how and told her about personal experiences. She prayed with us and the spirit was so strong I can’t even tell you. She wants us to come back on Friday. šŸ™‚ because of this video, we have found those who have been prepared to hear the gospel. And nothing is more incredible.

Wednesday we met with Shawn (our investigator on date for baptism) and it went so well. He is fully preparing for baptism and he came to church for the first time on Sunday and we were so excited! We’re really hoping that he can prepare as well as he can and reach his goal.

Like I said before, yesterday was zone conference with Elder Dube of the Seventy. I don’t have a lot of time but he talked about how we shouldn’t be “me’ missionaries, in other words, selfish. I really needed to hear that!! And I felt like he was speaking right to me. It was such a blessing and i’m so grateful that we were able to hear him speak to us and share his testimony of missionary work.

Well, that’s unfortunately all the time I have…this gospel is true everyone. So so true. I know it is with all my heart. I would encourage you all to read 3 Nephi 1:12-14. It’s what we’re sharing with investigators and it’s touched my heart so much. I know Jesus is the Christ and that as we follow him and try to be like him, we will have an immense amount of joy in our lives.

I hope you all have an amazing week!!

All my love,

Sister Martinez šŸ’•
We seriously see these everyday hahaha. Who puts this on their front door?!

Sister burns and I with brother Beserra. We visit him every week and read Book of Mormon stories with him. He’s the kindest person in the world!


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