week six: sopping

Hi everyone!! Sorry for no email last week…I had a super busy P day and had no time to write out a big summary of my week! I felt so bad. But I’ll do two separate emails today of the past two weeks. So just pretend I sent this last week.. 🙂

Like I say every week…its been another amazing week! Everyday is a good day when you’re serving the Lord. This past week was shorter since we had P day on Tuesday, zone conference, etc. but still so many miracles! Here’s the breakdown:

Wednesday we started out the day with service. So for the past couple weeks our zone leaders invited us to come to their Vietnamese citizenship class. Half of my zone, including my zone leaders, is Vietnamese speaking elders who are serving in the Vietnamese branch in the Garden Grove stake for their whole missions. The whole city of garden grove is heavily populated by Vietnamese people, it’s like Falls Church/Eden Center area on steroids for all of my people back home. Anyway, our church teaches a lot of the Vietnamese people English, and then those people want to become citizens so they started doing citizenship classes for them to practice for their interviews! It’s mostly all elderly Vietnamese people who have lived here for a few years and don’t speak much English and they are so cute. Basically we all are paired off with a Vietnamese person and we do a practice interview with them for about 10 minutes and we keep going until we’ve interviewed everyone who showed up for the class that day. Sister burns and I have a blast doing it. Hopefully the Elders keep inviting us to come hahaha. So then after that we had an amazing lesson with Shawn, we were able to have two members come with us and teach him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Shawn was supposed to be baptized the 20th but because of scheduling issues that probably won’t happen. But he is still fully committed to being baptized so we are shooting for early January and are so excited!! And he is keeping his commitments and coming to church and we are just so happy for him.

After Shawn we had a lesson with this other 13 year old boy Evan who we meet with weekly. Evan was on date for baptism before I got here, but his parents want him to wait before being baptized. So we still teach him, he comes to church and mutual every week, reads the Book of Mormon, and still really wants to be baptized. It will happen one day 🙂 Evan is suuuuper smart and grasps every concept we teach him, and he has really strong faith in Jesus Christ. The lesson that we had with him on Wednesday, we retaught the Restoration to see where he is at with it. We found out that he hasn’t receiving an answer to his prayers about Joseph smith. We were so shocked!! We had no idea. that’s huge! And it’s all because a member, Nolan, came with us and bore his strong testimony of Joseph smith and the restoration of the gospel. We are so grateful that we brought Nolan and learned more about Evan’s needs. Now we know how to help Evan progress more in the gospel.

Later Wednesday night we were tracting and knocked on the door of this younger guy who was with his baby daughter, Emerson. His name is Dustin and he told us that he was raised in a part member family, his mom is a member and his dad is Catholic. He grew up going to both churches so we aren’t sure if he was baptized or not. But his mom is still fully active in the church and Dustin has a lot of LDS friends and he was so excited to meet us! He told us to come over whenever so that he could feed us and so we can teach him and his wife. 🙂 we weren’t even planning on knocking on his door and then we meet someone like him. So crazy how the Lord prepares those who we find! Anyway, we are planning on visiting him next week. Super exciting!

Friday night we had another amazing lesson with Shawn. We taught him about the 10 commandments, law of chastity, and the word of wisdom. Pretty heavy stuff all at once! But he is seriously such a good kid. It was my first time teaching about the law of chastity and word of wisdom and I was so nervous especially since he’s a 13 year old boy, but it went so well. He understood all of it and committed to following these commandments. And his mom was super encouraging and supportive towards him. We talked more about his baptism date coming up, and because of all the scheduling issues, we are postponing it for a few weeks. But it’s looking like January 2nd will be his date! Woooo!

Honestly, the other parts of the week were pretty hard. Sister Burns and I faced a lot of rejection in the past week. Which of course is not fun, but I just keep trying to remember that we are doing the best that we can by inviting. Even if we invite and people don’t accept, at least we invited. That is our purpose. To invite others to come unto Christ. It’s so hard to remember that I shouldn’t put myself down about things that are out of my control! But I’m learning and growing and that’s all a part of the process.

Today for P day we went to downtown Disney with our whole district! Sister Burns and I were kind of meh about going but Sister Davis, another sister in our district (and sister burns’ last companion/trainer!) is going home in two weeks and she wanted to go! So we went and just shopped around and whatnot. It was pretty fun. Kind of sad to be so close to disneyland and not be allowed to go. But that’s okay, this time is not about me and what I want to do hahaha.

Wellll that was pretty much my week (actually last week)! I almost wrote in an earlier part of this email that this week was not very eventful. But I stopped myself because that is so not true!! Like I said earlier, everyday is a good day when you are serving the Lord. I am so grateful to have this calling and to be serving the people in this area. This is God’s work and His glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man (Moses 1:39)!! This is one of the most important and sacred callings to have and the Lord has put His trust in me to do it. I am grateful everyday that serving a mission is a part of God’s plan for me. There is nothing I would rather be doing right now!

I love you all, please keep sharing the gospel. It’s the most truthful thing on earth and everyone needs to know about it! Stay tuned for week 7…aka this past week not the week before. Sorry if this is a little confusing!

All my love,

Sister Martinez 🌻

In-n-out with my district after downtown Disney!

The best place to be serving. 🙂


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