week seven:

hi hi hiiii!

How is everyone doing?! I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas. It was another long week that still somehow went by sooo fast. Long and fast but still so good! As always 🙂 here’s what happened this week:

Tuesday we had another lesson with Shawn. It was awesome because when we got there, two of the young men were there inviting him to mutual. So they stayed for the lesson! We went over the restoration again and Shawn is grasping the concepts so well! I can see his testimony growing and it is so awesome. Shawn was actually supposed to be baptized yesterday but he was out of town and next week he’ll be out of town and it’s just been crazy with scheduling. But we’re pretty sure January 2nd is gonna be his day. Everybody pray it will happen!! I’m so happy and excited for him.

So we were actually supposed to be having exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders on Saturday, but they called us and changed it last minute to Wednesday. So Tuesday night Sister Burns and I went to go meet up with Sister Herrera and Sister Belnap and exchange! I went to Anaheim 2nd with Sister Herrera and Sister Belnap went with Sister Burns to our area. Honestly I’ve been dreading exchanges so much. I just really don’t want to be away from Sister Burns hahahha. She’s basically like my security blanket. But it got me out of my comfort zone so that was good! Anyway, I spent all of Wednesday in Anaheim with Sister Herrera. Sister Herrera is from the Phillipines and she’s so cute and so sweet. We had a good time! But it was definitely weird to be in another area with another companion. We had a couple awesome lessons and then went to dinner at a member’s home and helped her set up and decorate her Christmas tree! It was super fun and she was so grateful for our help. Wednesday night when we exchanged back, I was sooo happy to see Sister Burns! And it was so good to be back in Garden Grove. So my first experience with exchanges wasn’t too bad. 🙂

Thursday and Friday we didn’t have that much going on. We did a lot of finding and then Friday we did our weekly planning which takes forever sometimes! And Friday morning we had a meeting because we’re almost halfway through training. It was so fun because I got to see all the missionaries that I came in with from the MTC! I missed them. Almost totally forgot!! Thursday was my month mark! I’ve officially been in California for a month now and I can’t believe it! Sister Burns was so sweet and decorated our apartment for me.

Saturday was such an amazing day!! Before Saturday we hadn’t met too many of our goals and we felt like we weren’t getting anywhere. But Saturday totally made up for it. We taught 6 lessons, which doesn’t sound like a lot but for us it is. And not only that but we met a lot of people and got some return appointments for people who couldn’t meet right at that time. It was so awesome. And then, Saturday night it poured rain!! Which for California is crazy! It rained a ton. And Sister Burns always says, “rain means success!” so I think it was a sign (half kidding).

I hope you all are doing well! Things are amazing here in Garden Grove. I love the people so much and it’s so incredible to be able to feel Heavenly Father’s love for every single person we meet. The people are prepared and we are here to find them!! I love being a missionary and sometimes I really miss some things from home or some other things that I can’t do as a missionary, but then I remember that those things can wait. I hope you all have an incredible Christmas! Please remember to keep your focus on Christ. He is the reason we celebrate and He is our savior and our redeemer. He has given up everything for us and I know that through Him we can be forgiven, and also have endless amounts of joy! I love you all! Have an amazing week.

All my love,

Sister Martinez 💖
One month!

Cute decorations courtesy of Sister Burns


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