week nine: like whaaaaaaat

(I wrote this last week and it never sent…so pretend this was a week ago)

Hola everyone!! Happy new year! I can’t believe it’s already Monday again, but I feel like I say that every week…so anyway. How was everyone’s week?! Any fun new year’s festivities? Sister Burns and I had an interesting time hahaha.

It was such a good week. Here are the highlights:

Tuesday we met with Evan, he’s one of our 13 year old investigators. Before I got here he was on date for baptism, but then his dad found out that both parents have to give permission. Evan’s parents are divorced and his mom wasn’t very keen on the idea of him getting baptized. Basically, his parents agreed that they would give Evan a year before he could get baptized, just to make sure it was really something he wants to do. But we still meet with him, and he still comes to church every week. Honestly, he’s so ready to be baptized and he wants to be baptized so badly. We had an amazing lesson with him and invited him to be baptized again. We also invited him to fast and pray with us on Sunday for his mom to be okay with him getting baptized. But when we told his dad that we brought up baptism again, he told us that we still had to wait a year. We’re hoping that our fast worked and that their hearts will be softened.

Also on Tuesday, we had a bunch of good experiences tracting, actually this whole week we did! But of course with the good experiences, come the funny/bad ones…I swear some people memorize things to say just in case we come to their door. We knocked on this one house and this man very quickly said, “Miss I know we’re in end’s time, but your church is not the answer.” Like he definitely practices that in front of the mirror…hahaha. But that same day we had a pretty cool experience. We knocked on the door of this elderly man who came to the door on his scooter, he is a WWII veteran and he landed on the shore in Normandy on D Day. He also fought in the battle of the bulge in Germany. And he’s 90 and still chugging along! He was so sweet and respectful about the church. He’s not really interested, but I think he enjoyed our company and liked talking about Christ. 🙂

Our New Year’s Eve was pretty uneventful to say the least…we had to be in our apartments by 8 (normal nights we are home by 9) which felt weird. But we went to go get some martinelli’s and some noisemakers to ring in the new year…and we were in bed waaay before 12. Happy new year! Hahaha. Holidays are so funny when you’re a missionary. Everyone always says, “So what are your plans for the holidays?” And we’re like…uh the same as everyday hahah. There’s work to be done everyday! All good things though. 🙂

So not a lot of super exciting stuff happened this week but the most exciting…Shawn is getting baptized on Sunday!! We are so so excited for him. It has been so incredible watching him progress and now it’s actually happening. And the ward is helping out so much which has been so good to see.

Well that’s about all…I wish I had more to talk about this week but that’s about all that happened that’s worth writing about! Missions are amazing. They are so hard but so so amazing. I left home two months ago today, and in some ways it feels like I’ve been gone for a year and other times it feels like a week. Honestly, it’s so hard. But I know this is the right thing. I know this gospel is true. There’s not a doubt in my mind that I am here sharing the restored gospel and bringing others closer to Christ because of it. If you haven’t read the Book of Mormon, I highly recommend it. 🙂 it is so true. And my love for it has grown so much in this short time since I’ve been gone. I love it so much and I’m so grateful for the sacred records which have been preserved and translated for our benefit.

I love you all, thank you so much for your love, support, and prayers.

All my love,

Sister Martinez 💗
martinelli’s is apparently found in the liquor aisle hahaha

If I had a dollar for everytime I saw one of these….


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