week ten: fumigating

Hi everyone!! How’s it going?! Things are just grand here in garden grove. Seriously so good.

P day on a Tuesday…again. We got to go to the temple today! So our P day was changed. Unfortunately due to the terrible traffic this morning, sister burns and I arrived at the temple at 8:31…our session was starting at 8:30. It was a little sad for a couple minutes but we ended up just doing some other stuff not with the other missionaries..so it all worked out. It was still so nice to be at the temple even if we didn’t get to do a session. Then we went to Cafe Rio with our district afterwards…the only one in the mission 🎉 so delish. Then we drove through our district leader’s old area in Orange. It was so crazy different from where I am in garden grove. Mountains all over and such. And we went to a member’s house where they had a view of the ocean! Super pretty. Such a good P day!

Well I have a lot to talk about so let’s just get right into it!

Tuesday we switched designated drivers…so I am now the driver. I didn’t realize how bad I was at directions…hahah our area is so tiny but I can’t find anything. Thank goodness for sister burns and her GPS. Tuesday we also had our last real lesson with Shawn before his baptismal interview!! We taught him about tithing and we brought a recently returned missionary from the other ward with us and it was a super good lesson.

Then Wednesday was the next big step, Shawn’s interview! He passed with flying colors and he was so happy. You could definitely tell how ready he was. It was so awesome to see how much he had learned since we first starting meeting with him. When Sister Davis and Sister Burns first met with him, he didn’t even know who Jesus Christ was. And then we were watching him get ready to make covenants to follow Him. Such an incredible thing.

Saturday we were out trying to find some less active members, and we drove past some guys playing basketball in their driveway. So we pulled over and took the opportunity to share the gospel of course! I had high hopes that it would go well, but instead it turned into an hour long discussion with him interrogating us about what evidence there is that the Book of Mormon is true and asking about why we read the Book of Mormon more than the bible (not even true) and just all this stuff. It was super stressful and I was trying so hard not to lose my patience with him…hahaha it’s really hard to love the people sometimes not gonna lie. But we left him with a book of Mormon and maybe he will actually read it and ponder it. Sometimes the most you can do for people is just leave them with an invitation. So that’s what we did.

Sunday was the big day!! Shawn’s baptism!! This was such a special day. I invited Shawn to be baptized my second day in the field and it took a little longer than we expected but it finally happened. It was such a beautiful service. A ton of the ward came to support, another youth baptized him, sister burns and I sang, his mom gave the closing prayer. It was so good!! The Spirit was sooo strong. He was so ready and it finally happened. And he’s being confirmed on Sunday and we are so excited!

Seeing an investigator get baptized gives me hope that all the work and effort we put in really counts for something, and I know it does. This is the Lord’s work. And we are doing it. So grateful to be a representative of Jesus Christ and to be following Him. I love this gospel so much.

I hope you all have an amazing week!

All my love,

Sister Martinez ❤️
Shawn’s baptism!!

My district at the temple!

I love her!! 💕


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