week thirteen: really lds?

Hola! I can’t believe it’s already P day again. Seriously the weeks keep going by faster and faster. It’s crazy! And this is the last week of the transfer, aka the last week of training. I can’t believe I’ll no longer be “new” soon!

It was another good week (sorry if it’s annoying that I say that every week)!

This week was full of service, one of the service projects we did was called Food in the Afternoon. Basically, once a month our ward and 6th ward make a meal to serve to whoever has heard about it and is homeless. It was very humbling to see people who have next to nothing. I’m grateful that we were able to help out even if it was just one meal. The other service we did was for ward members who are going through hard times and need visits. Being a missionary is so awesome because almost everything we do is for others.

On Wednesday we were able to have another lesson with Evan. Evan is the 13 year old boy we’ve been teaching for a long time whose parents aren’t ready for him to be baptized. We meet with him every week and he and his dad, Scott, are very appreciative of our visits. This time we were actually able to teach him AND Scott! Which is soo awesome. Scott hasn’t sat in on a lesson since October, and we’ve really been trying hard to start teaching him again to help him get more comfortable with the idea of Evan being baptized. It was a super awesome lesson, and Scott expressed to us that he wants to read the scriptures with his sons (Evan has a younger brother, Kyle)…which is perfect because Evan struggles a lot with remembering to read the Book of Mormon. Scott told us that he would help Evan read everyday, and they also both committed to reading Book of Mormon Stories together as a family as often as they can. So awesome!!

Friday we had a super awesome lesson with this less active family who we are super close with. We meet with them almost every week. They have a really interesting story and have had a really tough time in this last year. Anyway, pretty much it’s a mom, twin 16 year old daughters, and a 12 year old daughter. They also have housemates right now, a dad, and his two teenage daughters. Things can be pretty crazy, and definitely super dramatic sometimes! But we love them. On Friday when we went over to share a message with them, we had been planning for awhile to share this message about how we need to go to church because as a congregation we make up the body of Christ and we need to “have a real ‘hands-on’ experience as we learn to ‘live together in love.'” It was a super good message and plan, but after being there for a few minutes we realized that one of the twins had had a really tough day at school. Just hard being-a-teenager stuff. As it got to be time to share the message, something (aka the Spirit) was telling me that it wasn’t the right message to share at this time and that I needed to share a talk called “Remember Who You Are!” By Elaine S. Dalton. So I pulled up the video and it was exactly what she needed to hear. And frankly, it was exactly what I’ve been needing to hear lately too. Nothing is more incredible than being directed by the Spirit to help someone come closer to Christ. There is seriously nothing like being a missionary.

Sunday was another amazing Sabbath day. Again, we had soo many less active members at church. And one woman who we’ve been working with for months came for her third Sunday in a row. Seriously made my week. This week was also a little crazy because all the ward boundaries in our stake are changing. The Garden Grove 7th ward boundaries have been the same for like 50 years! It’s a pretty big deal. Now, the boundaries are bigger and we will now be called the Valley View ward. We are gaining at least 100 new members. So if I stay for another transfer, things should be interesting! But also exciting.

Well that’s about it for this last week. So many miracles and tender mercies, so much progression, with myself and the people we are teaching. This is the Lord’s work and I am so grateful to be doing it. I hope you all have an incredible week!

All my love,

Sister Martinez 🌻


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