week twelve: everybody’s gonna love today

Hellllo everyone! So once again I’m sending last week’s email a week late. I run out of time almost every single P day but I promise I will be better! Just a week behind no big deal.

It was an interesting week! It didn’t feel like there was a ton of work done because we had a lot of meetings and different events going on but still a good week, of course.

Tuesday we had interviews with the mission president, President Taggart. I love him! With each missionary he shared a talk from the most recent Worldwide devotional for Young Adults. The talk is called “Becoming True Millennials” by Russell M. Nelson, go find it its so good! Anyway, President Taggart was telling me about how in the talk Elder Nelson talks about how our generation is here at this time for a reason. It was so comforting to know and to be told that I am here for a reason, and God knew I needed to be here at this time. One of my favorite quotes from the talk is, “A True Millennial is a man or woman whom God trusted enough to send to earth during the most compelling dispensation in the history of this world. A True Millennial is a man or woman who lives now to help prepare the people of this world for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and His millennial reign. Make no mistake about it–you were born to be a True Millennial.” That is so amazing to think about! Seriously go read that talk. Sidenote, that devotional was at BYU Hawaii which made me a little sad, like really Elder Nelson had to go to my school when I’m not there?! Hahahaha come on

Anyway, the next day there was a Worldwide Missionary Broadcast. It’s the first one they’ve done in a decade and it kind of came out of nowhere so everyone was expecting there to be some big announcement or something but nope…just training. It was still super good though! And something that was really cool was Chris Waddell spoke, he’s the second counselor in the presiding bishopric, but more importantly he married my parents! Hahah I was super excited to hear him speak and see a familiar face.

Later that day we met this girl named Amanda while tracting. She has soo much potential! We taught her about the Book of Mormon and she was excited to read it. We were so excited! But also a little sad, because she’s 22, which means we will probably have to pass her off to the YSA missionaries 😦 still always exciting to find someone though.

Saturday we had a really cool experience. There’s a less active woman in our ward who we’ve been working with for awhile. We still don’t know why she doesn’t come to church, probably just because she’s out of the habit. But she loves having us over so we go by almost every week. Anyway, the message we shared with her this time was a video called “obedience to the Ten Commandments” by L. Tom Perry (super amazing go watch it). We’ve shared a lot of messages with her, but nothing has touched her like that video did. It really got to her, and the next day we saw her at church for the first time in months. 🙂 as a missionary, I’m not sure if anything makes my heart happier than seeing less active members come to church.

Sunday was an amazing day. There were about 15 less active members at sacrament meeting!! Don’t get me wrong, having investigators at church is amazing, but I can honestly say that one of the best moments I’ve had on my mission so far is turning around in church and seeing these people that we’ve been working with for months finally at church. 🙂 if hearts could sing, mine certainly was (so cheesy hahaha).

That night we got to see Gabby and Stefan again. It was so good! We finally taught them the restoration. At the beginning of the lesson, Gabby told us that she loves having us over because we bring a light into her home and it’s just nice to have us there because it helps her to look back on her past week and think of what she can do to become better (aka the Spirit, she just doesn’t know that yet). It makes me so happy to see her coming closer to Christ.

Gosh, I say this every week but I seriously love being a missionary. There’s hard times and I’m nowhere near perfect, but I’m striving to be like Christ everyday and it’s been so amazing. In my personal studies this week I’ve been studying Christ and His life a lot. I found this quote from Elder D. Todd Christofferson that says, “People should be able to see in us something of Jesus Christ. The way we act, speak, look, and even think will reflect Him and His ways. … Although we were not present with Him in His ministry, as we search the scriptures, we see Jesus and what He said and did. And as we emulate that pattern, we bear witness of Him.” I love that so much. I want to act in a way where people can see something of Jesus Christ in me. I love being one of His representatives and I love His gospel. I know with my whole heart that it’s true. I hope this next week we can all try to be more like Him!

Have an amazing week everyone!


Sister Martinez ❤️


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