week fourteen: new transfer, new me 2.0

Hiiii! How’s everyone doing?! I’m doing pretty well, thanks for asking. It was the last week of the transfer and also my last week of training, so it was pretty stressful, but still good. Here are the highlights!

Wednesday was a good day. We met a high school-aged boy while tracting named Michael. We got to teach him the majority of the restoration but he had to eat dinner and told us to come back. When we went back on Friday we met his sister, Maddie. She was soo nice too and we were able to teach her as well. She also told us that we could come back so we’re planning on coming back to teach both of them which is pretty cool! Finding new families to teach woooo.

Wednesday we also had another really good lesson with Evan.
Unfortunately no progress on a baptism for him yet but we’re working towards it. Last week I talked about how we had a great lesson with him and his dad, Scott. Last time we invited them to read Book of Mormon stories together as a family. When we followed up with Evan, he told us that they didn’t read it as a family, but that Evan had finished the entire Book of Mormon stories book in one week. He loved it! Hahaha we were so excited. Hopefully now that he knows the stories super well, he will be able to keep his commitments of reading the actual Book of Mormon. 🙂

Saturday we spent most of our day at our stake’s mini MTC activity. Basically the youth in the stake got to spend a day and a half as “missionaries” just to see what it’s all about. All of the
missionaries in my zone were asked to help teach the youth about different aspects of missionary work. It was a really cool thing to be a part of. My district was assigned to teach about why we need the Spirit in missionary work, and honestly I think I might’ve learned more from it than the youth we were teaching did. But it was so amazing, and also kind of funny, when all of us missionaries realized how much we truly didn’t know before our missions. Like I thought I knew a lot about the gospel but I sooo didn’t. And now that I’m here I’ve learned and grown so much, and that will only continue!

Honestly the biggest thing that happened this week was transfer calls…Thursday night were leadership calls, which means the APs (assistants to the mission president) call anyone in the mission who is getting called to a leadership position. For example a trainer, district leader, or zone leader. All day on Thursday I had this feeling that we would be getting a phone call that night, I didn’t know who it would be for but I knew we were getting one. Then on our way home that night it came, and Sister Burns was called to train again. Aka 100% not staying together for another transfer. It was really hard honestly and it still is. I knew I was either leaving the area or I was staying and getting another companion who I would have to show around Garden Grove. When transfer calls came Saturday night, we found out that Sister Burns would be whitewashing (two missionaries going to an area together for the first time) Anaheim 1st ward with the new missionary, and I would be staying in the newly formed Valley View ward with a new companion, Sister Moore and that we will be splitting the ward with Elders! Sooo much change. New ward, new companion, and elders. So weird. But I’m pretty excited! We’ll see how everything goes.

Ode to Sister Burns: Sister Burns is the best first companion/trainer I could’ve ever asked for. I’ve learned SO much from her. She’s the most incredible missionary and I will seriously miss her dearly!! It’s crazy how you come out on a mission to serve the Lord, and end up making lifelong friends because of it. I know it’s going to be hard but I trust that she and also the Lord have prepared me enough to be able to do this without her!

Well that’s about all I have for this week, thank you for all of your prayers and support. It means so much to me! If I have any words of wisdom from this week…it would be that if you’ve ever even had a tiny thought of going on a mission, just do it. It’s never a bad idea to serve a mission, and never a bad idea to serve the Lord and His children. 🙂 The blessings are unreal and the work that we do is so worth it.

I hope you all have an amazing week!!


Sister Martinez 💖
My zone all together for one last time!

We’re a little crazy


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