week fifteen: single on valentine’s day but that’s okay because I love jesus

Holaaaa everyone! Happy belated Valentine’s Day! If you haven’t noticed, the subjects of my emails are always a little weird and completely unrelated to the actual emails but they’re pretty much all inside jokes (sorry). So this week’s subject is a quote from a member in our ward, Brother Beserra, who we meet with weekly to read Book of Mormon stories. He said that while wearing a hat that says “I love God”. He’s awesome hahaha. Anyway, it’s been an interesting week! Interesting, but good. Let’s get right into it.

Monday was my last full day with Sister Burns! It was sad but I think I finally came to terms with getting a new companion and everything. Tuesday we went to the mission home to pick up the new missionary she would be training, and Sister Moore and her previous companion, Sister Newitt, came to pick up the new missionary that Sister Newitt would be training! Then we switched and off we went. Tuesday was such a crazy day, within a span of 3 hours I had moved all of Sister Burns stuff out of the apartment just to move all of Sister Moore’s stuff in! Long day. But exciting! A new chapter of my mission. I love Sister Moore!!! I was so nervous to get a new companion for no reason. She’s super awesome and we get along so well. A little bio on her: she’s from Bountiful, Utah, she went to Utah State for a year before her mission, she did cheer in high school, and she wants to be a nurse anesthetist. You’ll be hearing a lot more about her over the next six weeks!

This week wasn’t too eventful but Thursday evening we had some interesting tracting experiences. We had been tracting for awhile and had no luck, and then we knocked on the door of this woman named Mona. She was seriously one of the kindest people I’ve ever met! She’s already a Christian and we talked with her about having faith in Christ and how it blesses our lives. I don’t think she was interested but she was super sweet and actually listened to us and prayed with us. Before we left, she told us to keep doing what we are doing and gave us cold water bottles. She even asked if we needed a ride home hahah. It doesn’t sound like much but seriously do you know how many people we come across who are that nice?! It was such a tender mercy.

Later that evening we had a not so nice experience…hahah a couple houses after Mona we met this guy named Josh. He was pretty nice at first but he had a loooot of questions. Pretty sure he’s read a ton of anti-Mormon literature, because the questions he was asking made it seem like he was trying to stump us. But nope, we had answers for everything. 🙂 hahaha he was trying so hard to prove us wrong. It was a pretty respectful conversation though so we just continued to answer his questions. Then his wife and kids pulled up in the driveway and his wife opened the door and said, “are those bibles?” and he laughed and said yes. Then she yelled at us and told us to leave. So we were saying goodbye to him and apparently we weren’t leaving fast enough because then she opened the door again and yelled,” get off my property, I want to take my children in the house and I’m not getting them out of this car until you leave my property!!” Hahaha….what? Are we a danger to your children or something? It was a little weird. It’s safe to say we’re not going back to see Josh anytime soon.

It’s kind of felt like a weird week because we haven’t taught that much. Wednesday we spent most of the day doing service at a blood drive, Thursday we had meetings and Sister Moore had a doctor’s appointment, and just all this random stuff. Also in the past couple of days, it’s seemed like everyone that we go try to visit or meet with isn’t home or is busy…or they just don’t answer the door. So we’ve done a lot of driving around trying to find people and then not being able to teach them! For this area, it’s been an iffy week. But Sister Moore came from Placentia, and she thinks it’s been a super good week and that we’ve been teaching a ton! I guess in Placentia it’s a little different. It’s all about perspective! I think something I’ve learned this week is that as long as we’re doing the best that we can to invite people to come unto Christ, we are fulfilling our purpose. It can be so hard when we’re trying to find people to teach or we’re trying to find people who we’ve already been teaching, and nobody is available. Sometimes it makes it seem like we aren’t doing enough or trying hard enough. That was super rambly but basically in short, I’ve realized that as long as we are inviting as much as we can and working as hard as we can, that is what we are called to do! Don’t be discouraged if you are trying to do missionary work and the message isn’t received well, at least you made the invitation!

Yesterday we had stake conference where they showed a satellite broadcast. It was so good!! Sister Bonnie L. Oscarson, the General Young Women’s president gave an amazing talk. One thing she said that really stood out to me was, “if someone were to observe you for an hour or two, would they be able to recognize you as a disciple of Christ?” That really made me reevaluate my life for a second! Even though I am a representative of Jesus Christ and wear his name on my nametag, do I conduct myself in a way where people would recognize me as His disciple without the tag? This week I am definitely going to work on becoming a better and more recognizable disciple of Jesus Christ. I’m so grateful to be serving Him and to be sharing His gospel. I love this work so much!

Thank you so much for all the love and prayers. I say this every week but I know it helps me so much and I’m so grateful! I hope you all have an amazing week!!

All my love,

Sister Martinez 💖

PS sorry no pics with Sister Moore yet…I’ll get on that!


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