week sixteen: the emotion code

Hiiii everyone! Can we talk about how it’s already the last week of February?! Time is seriously flying. This week on Wednesday marked 3 months that I’ve been out in the field! Crazy stuff.

I’m gonna be honest, it’s been a pretty rough week. Rough, but still had good parts. I started feeling sick on Tuesday and I’ve been feeling super sick ever since then. Just a really bad cold. So it’s made it pretty hard to go out and do missionary work, because I’m trying to get myself better and healthier so that I can go out and….well, do missionary work. It’s kind of a hard balance. But we were still able to have some good experiences.

This was the first real week with the new Valley View Ward. So we finally figured out the dividing line of our area and the elder’s area. There’s a couple people we’ve been teaching who live in the elder’s area that we needed to pass off to them. So Tuesday morning we had a pass off lesson with the elders and a less active member who we’ve met with every week of my mission so far. He’s pretty attached to us and is used to having us over, and doesn’t really do well with change, so we were a little nervous when we first told him the elders would now be teaching him. But he was actually super excited and our lesson with him and the elders on Tuesday was great. That was such a blessing!

We had a couple of moments of difficulty this week where we tried to teach people and things fell through. It can be hard, but it’s completely out of our control sometimes. And there’s always next week, right? πŸ™‚

Thursday we had zone conference, already my second one which is crazy. The main focus of it was how to find people to teach. It was sooo good! I seriously learned so much. I got a lot out of it, but one of the main things I learned/realized was that I am in possession of one of the greatest gifts. I have the gospel in my life, and because I do, it’s my obligation to share it with others. One of the assistants to the president said, “the reality is– the gospel has blessed each of our lives. we should want to share that with others. the gospel is priceless, and we owe it to others to share it with them.” It’s crazy how you already know a lot of things, but sometimes you need to hear it in the right setting in order for it to really affect you. Sometimes I don’t even realize how big of a responsibility we truly have as missionaries, and as members of the church. We might be some people’s only chance, their only opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ. There are people out there who are lost, and they are our spirit siblings. We need to find them, and share with them this great gift of the gospel.

On Saturday we spent the majority of the day helping a member of the ward set up for their daughter’s sweet 16. The party was our “dinner appointment” for that night, and it was super fun. Plus it always makes me happy to see youth having good, clean fun. Hahaha. But really. To all the youth out there: please stay on god’s path, the other ones aren’t as cool (because they don’t lead to eternal life 😘).

Sunday was the first day with the new ward. We only had sacrament meeting and then a potluck afterwards to get everyone better acquainted within the ward. That was the most full I’ve seen the chapel since I’ve been serving here. It was so crazy! Not one empty pew. It’s pretty exciting though. Having more members will help out with the missionary work in this area a lot.

Hopefully by the time I write next, I won’t be as sick, and I can report back on a better week. If I could leave you all with anything this week, it would be this. You have a Heavenly Father who loves you. He knows you by name, and He sent you here at this specific time for a specific reason. Talk with Him. Counsel with Him about all that you do. He wants to hear from you! I’m so grateful to be serving Him at this time, and to know that this is His church on the earth today.

I love you all! I hope you have an amazing week.

All my love,

Sister Martinez πŸ’—
My district!

Sister Moore and I featuring Elder Kuehne

Garden Grove missionaries πŸŽ‰


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