week twenty-one: hoppy easter

{from last week again, I swear I will finally get caught up}

Hi hi!! Hope everyone had a good week. Mine was interesting but also super awesome because it was Easter!! 🐣

To start off the week we went chalking again with the other sisters who are no longer in our district! Very sad but we had one last hurrah. Instead of drawing out the plan of salvation, this time we wrote out followhim.mormon.org (the link to the hallelujah video) with a cute design and had different life questions (why am I here?, what is the purpose of this life?, how can I be happier?, etc.) surrounding it and pointing to it. We put it on the basketball court because there’s always tons of people there everyday playing basketball. It was very noticeable! Nothing really happened with it that day but remember this for later.

Wednesday we had our usual appointment with Evan. Honestly I left that lesson feeling very frustrated. It’s hard sometimes when we feel like we’ve done everything we possibly can but nothing is changing. I’ve probably mentioned this before, but a couple months ago we found out that Evan still hadn’t received his answer about whether or not the Book of Mormon is true and whether or not Joseph Smith was a prophet…aka if the church is true. We’ve been working really hard with him, and it keeps feeling like we’re getting closer and closer to him recognizing his answer. This lesson didn’t go how I thought it would. We wanted to have an Easter related lesson, so we read 3 Nephi 11 with him, which is when Christ was resurrected. After reading, Evan had some concerns that we cleared up. Then, we asked him what he thought the difference was between our church, and the church he sometimes goes to with his grandparents (which kind of teaches conflicting doctrine and confuses Evan). He mentioned a lot of things, but never said the priesthood, even though he definitely knows that is the main difference. Then he basically taught US the whole
restoration. It was crazy. How was he teaching us the restoration and stating the whole thing as a fact, and still telling us he didn’t have an answer yet?! It was really frustrating. At the end, we knelt in prayer with him and he asked again to know if this is true. It’s really hard because watching him grow and learn, you can see that he really does believe it is true, he just hasn’t accepted his answer yet. Sometimes I forget that once we’ve done all we can, it’s no longer up to us. We just need to be the support as people figure things out for themselves. We know it’s true. Evan knows it’s true. We know that Evan knows it’s true. But Evan doesn’t know that. Something that gives me comfort though, is something that Evan actually talks about a lot. Everything happens in the Lord’s time and in His own way. So we just need to put all of our trust in Him. It’s so hard sometimes but I know things will all work out eventually. There’s still so much hope for Evan!

On another note, we had a really funny experience this week. Actually it wasn’t really funny, mostly awkward. But most experiences are awkward as a missionary so you just deal with it. Anyway, we were driving around our area and saw two guys playing basketball on the court that we had chalked at the day before. So we stopped and pulled over and went to go talk to them. We approached them and started making conversation. We asked them if they had seen our chalk drawings…they said they hadn’t. Even though they were so clearly there?! Anyway, they reluctantly said yes to watching the hallelujah video so we showed it to them. Then at the end we bore testimony about it and told them to show their friends…they said thanks..end of convo..that’s it..we thought. So after our awkward encounter we drive over to Taco Bell for a freeze, and as we’re pulling out of the drive thru, there are Vince and Andrew walking right past staring at us. I literally flew out of the parking lot. I don’t know why it was so awkward but they probably thought we were following them and wow it was so awkward I just can’t. Then the next day, we drove past them AGAIN. Wow they probably think we are such stalkers.

Saturday was the first session of General Conference, the Women’s session! Woot woot! It was sooo good. Sister Marriott’s talk was definitely my favorite. It’s so exciting that General Conference is upon us. I am so excited to hear from our leaders and the guidance that they have for us!

Sunday was Easter! Not only was it amazing to celebrate the
resurrection of our Savior, but some super awesome things happened. A less active family who I’ve been meeting with twice a week every week of my mission so far, FINALLY came to church!! My heart was singing just seeing them in the chapel! I really hope they can keep coming. Other than that tender mercy, it was simply just wonderful to reflect on the meaning of Christ’s resurrection. What a privilege it was to partake of the sacrament on Easter Sunday, and remember Christ’s body and blood which was shed for me, and for you, and for everyone who has ever lived and will ever live. I am so grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ. I know this is His church on the earth today. He is at the head of it. He is the chief cornerstone of it. β€œAnd now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives!”

I’m so grateful to be serving Him and doing His work. I hope you all can take a moment each day to remember Him and thank Him.

Have a wonderful week!

All my love,

Sister Martinez πŸ’•πŸ’•
Some amazing members. Brother Michnowicz was baptized last year and is going through the temple in a few weeks!! So excited for him!

Found this on a less active’s door…interesting


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