week twenty-two: yasssss

Well hello everyone! Can you believe it’s April?! Time seriously flies. Especially when you’re serving a mission. So weird. Yesterday marked 5 months of being out! I still feel like I’m the newest missionary here. But I’m not so I’ll just keep pretending I am.

It was another…interesting and different week here in Garden Grove. So many great things and so many not super great things. There were so many amazing spiritual experiences. But on the other hand, we weren’t able to teach hardly anyone. Sister Moore and I honestly worked so hard this week. We really gave it our all. And even with all of the effort that we put forth, nothing happened. We had multiple set appointments each day of the week, and every single one fell through. We also knocked on the door of pretty much every single person in our area book. Not exaggerating, EVERYONE was busy or not home. Everyone!! We were only able to teach a total of two lessons this week. Which is not a lot! I was so confused. Why did it feel like we weren’t receiving any success from our effort? I know that’s normal missionary work, but it was honestly pretty trying. It was kind of hard to understand why this week happened the way that it did. But to quote one of our investigators, Evan, “everything will happen in God’s own timing, and in His own way.” That is so true. I just need to put all of my trust in what God has in store, and I know that everything will work out.

A funny experience from this week: Saturday night we went to the grocery store right before going home for the night. We were just grabbing some food for the potluck we had with other missionaries in between conference sessions the next day. So the store was pretty empty, and the workers know us because we go all the time since it’s the only grocery store in our area. So anyway, we were grabbing some lettuce and cheese (that was what we were pitching in for the sandwiches) and they had music playing. Naturally, we started dancing up and down the aisles. Then over the loudspeaker they announce, “security, aisle 10.” Hahaha we were in aisle 10….we thought it was a serious thing and started running to the opposite side of the store. We thought we were going to be kicked out (obviously we weren’t). Then when we started checking out, the cashier said,” we were totally just messing with you, sisters.” Hahaha how embarrassing. We totally started running away because we actually thought we were in trouble for dancing in an empty aisle. Good times.

Since we had been working hard all week and not really been getting much out of it, general conference (which we were already super excited for) was even more exciting!! I was so ready to be on a spiritual high all weekend. And I was!! Gosh, general conference was so amazing! I seriously have never taken so many notes in my life. If you haven’t watched any of it, I would highly recommend it. It’s so crazy how so many of the talks just fit exactly what you’re going through or need answers to. Divine inspiration is so real. It’s pretty cool that we have leaders who were chosen to be here right now to give us the guidance that we need at this very time. Heavenly Father hasn’t left us alone. 🙂

Anyway, if you don’t have time to watch 8 hours of conference, I would say just go watch or read Elder Holland’s talk. Incredible.

Today, we had the wonderful opportunity of going to the temple. This was especially special because last time Sister Burns and I got stuck in major traffic so we missed our session, so I haven’t been able to do one in 4 1/2 months!! It was as amazing as I remembered it. Going to the temple is always a special and spiritual experience. I’m grateful that in the crazy world we live in, we can find peace and solace in the House of the Lord.

Well, that’s about all I have for this week. My two pieces of advice would be: dance like nobody is watching and go watch general conference. But seriously. The gospel is true, everyone. I know it with all my heart. I’m so grateful for the knowledge and testimony that I have, and to know that they will only continue to grow.

I hope you all have an amazing week!!

All my love,

Sister Martinez ❣
Sister Moore and I at the temple!

My district!

One of my favorite quotes from conference.


One thought on “week twenty-two: yasssss

  1. Andrea Vick says:

    Hello and Happy April to you! I can totally hear you saying “YASSSSS!” And can totally see you dancing in the grocery store. I miss the days of you and Kylie being so loud in our house. 🙂 You filled it with such joy and laughter. I’m sure you’re taking that everywhere you go. It’s a gift! God has taught me many things, but one of the most important things I’ve learned is his timing is ALWAYS RIGHT! Always! Not sometimes, but every single dang time! Trust in that whole heartedly. Maybe the week didn’t bring what you thought it should, but know that God gave you the week he wanted you to have. I hope the coming weeks will fill your heart and soul with so much awesomeness! So,it’s freezing here. Literally. Bubby’s first track meet was cancelled Monday because of snow. Ugh! Make it stop!! Have a wonderful day! Love you, Andrea

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