week twenty-eight: #jesus2016

Well heeeey everyone!! Literally such an amazing week. Love serving the Lord. Love this work. Wooo.

We made awesome contact with some people this week. We met a less active/part member family who wants us to start coming over, we had a lesson with an older man who’s mom was a member of the church but passed away when he was very little, and we got a lot of referrals. It’s interesting because you never know what the actual outcome is going to be with some of the people that you visit or the lessons that you teach, but you know that it’s all serving the same purpose of sharing the gospel.

Thursday we had a lesson with a woman named Diana. She met
missionaries about a month ago and requested a free bible. She also mentioned that she has been looking for a new church. So this week we were finally able to sit down and teach her the restoration. It went really well! And at the end, we extended a baptismal invitation to her and she accepted! Yay. She doesn’t have a date yet but we’re hoping that this next week she will.

So this week, our mission had something called “Power Week”. Basically that means that our goals for the week were the standards of excellence (a certain amount of lessons taught, people found, etc.) and we were to be exactly EXACTLY obedient. Which we always should be, but power week’s purpose is to show how many blessings can come when you are always doing what you’re supposed to. As a part of power week, our zone decided to do a different “challenge” for each day. For example, Wednesday was Book of Mormon day (hand out a Book of Mormon in every contact), Thursday was baptism day (extend a baptism invite in each contact), and Saturday, my personal favorite, was Nifty Fifty…aka make 50 contacts. It was such a great week and it was definitely awesome to see how obedience brings blessings.

Saturday, like I mentioned, was Nifty Fifty. That day, we also went on exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders. Sister Burns, who is now one of my STLs came here with Sister Burgess and I, and Sister Kieffer went to their area. It was such an amazing day! And it was really awesome to be able to teach with Sister Burns again. Love her. Anyway, this particular day of power week we kind of went all out. Literally we were willing to do anything (not literally but pretty much) to make 50 contacts. So all day we were just talking to every single person we saw. It was so amazing! We went to a couple different parks, walked up and down busy streets, and a couple of times even gave people pass-along cards from inside the car through the window. We even taught a lesson and gave someone a Book of Mormon through the window….hahaha don’t ask me how that even happened. It was so awesome. Probably about 50% of the people we met were Spanish speaking so I had to whip out my mediocre Spanish and explain who we were. It was so fun!! And now the Spanish missionaries have quite a few referrals from us. 🙂

At the end of nifty fifty, we had talked to 56 people! It was so incredible. I don’t think I have ever felt so mindful of every single person we saw. I wonder if this is how our Heavenly Father feels. He literally knows each of us personally and cares about us so much. He is mindful of each of us. When we were walking around yesterday we only saw .00000000000001 of His children. Actually less. And we were mindful of each of them and the opportunity we needed to give them to learn more about Christ and His gospel. I’m grateful for the small glimpse that I am given daily to see people the way our Heavenly Father does.

He loves you. He loves me. He wants the best for all of us. He will take you as you are at this very moment and mold you into who He wants you to become. You just have to let Him. And don’t think that you can’t change, because you can. Thinking that you can’t change rejects the central message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We can all change if we give ourselves to Him.

Have an amazing week!

All my love,

Sister Martinez 🌷
The end of our exchange. We used a counter to count how many people we talked to hahahaha


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