week twenty-seven: two’s a crowd but three’s a party

Greetings from Anaheim!! How is everyone doing?! It was such a good first week here in Anaheim. I love this area already! Also happy belated Mother’s Day! It was so so good to talk to my family 🙂

This week was sooo crazy. Not sure how to explain all of it but basically Monday afternoon I came and joined Sister Burgess and Sister Burns (yes I’m moving into her last area) who had just been companions for two weeks due to an emergency transfer. We would be getting Sister Kieffer the next day. It was all a little complicated, but it was fun to be with Sister Burns just for the evening. The first night in the new area we had a lesson with a part member family. We watched this Mormon Message called Mountains to Climb.
(https://www.lds.org/media-library/video/2013-01-003-mountains-to-climb?lang=eng) I have a hard time watching this video without crying…seriously every time. The Spirit that comes is so strong. The family we showed it to has recently overcome a big trial and is still going through hardships because of it, and this video definitely gave them some comfort.

So that first night in my new apartment ended up being the last, the next day we were moving into a new apartment that’s actually in our area. Sister Burgess and I had to move all by ourselves to the new apartment. And the missionaries who lived in this apartment before us left most of their stuff there that we had to go through and clean up. It was a long day! Finally that afternoon we went to go pick up Sister Kieffer and we moved her in. We got settled in pretty quickly after that.

Wednesday morning we had a lesson bright and early at 8:15 with an investigator named Baltazar. Normally we don’t meet with people until after 10:00 am, but this is the only time Baltazar can meet because he’s been hiding from his wife that he’s meeting with missionaries and meets with us while she’s at physical therapy. It’s a hard situation. He wants to meet with us, but doesn’t want to tell his wife. Also, Baltazar speaks pretty good English but would definitely understand everything much better in Spanish. But he doesn’t want to meet with Spanish missionaries because he’s trying to get better at speaking English. So we met with him at McDonald’s and read from the Book of Mormon. It was really good! But it was hard because we know he can’t fully progress without Spanish missionaries. More on that later…

Interesting moment this week: helped clean out a hoarder’s home. Not fun when you’re arachnophobic.

Moving on….so Saturday we’re getting in the car after dinner and Baltazar calls. He said, “hey can we meet right now?” We were like…an investigator asking to meet? Of course. So we decided to invite the Spanish elders to come. First we all met at McDonald’s but the Spanish elders are also in a trio and it was just too much…so we ended up going to the church building. Once we got to the church building, there was such a stark difference from how it felt at McDonald’s. We sat down and the Spanish elders went into teaching him the restoration in Spanish. I can understand Spanish pretty well, and speak it pretty minimally, but seriously, I could understand this entire lesson. The spirit was sooo strong. I felt like they were teaching me. It’s so cool how even when you know the gospel is true, you can still feel the spirit reaffirming that to you over and over again. Hearing the First Vision being recited in Spanish was incredible. At the end, they invited Baltazar to be baptized. His initial reaction was telling them that he had already been baptized as a baby. After that, they went right back into explaining the priesthood and the importance of being baptized by someone holding the authority from God to do so. After they explained it, Baltazar had the most amazing response. He said, “ask me the question again.” And they did, and he accepted a baptismal date for May 29th. Literally the warmth that I felt was overwhelming. It’s so incredible how in each language, it’s all the same. The gospel is the same everywhere. And more incredible, was that neither of my companions can speak or understand Spanish very well and they both knew what was going on the entire lesson. It was so miraculous.

I’m so grateful for this gospel. So beyond grateful. I’m so grateful for each spiritual experience I have that confirms once again that this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ restored to the earth. You could take my word for it, or you could read from the Book of Mormon and pray about it. If you do that with real intent, I can promise that you will receive an answer. {so preach-y but I literally tell people this everyday, must mean it’s pretty important right?}

I hope you all have an amazing week!


Sister Martinez 💕
Disneyland fireworks every night from our apartment!

My new companions!

I love them so much!!


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