week twenty-nine: ya know what I’m sayin?

Wellll hello everyone! It was a great week in Anaheim! It’s getting
warmer (actually it’s always been warm) and there’s pretty purple
blossoms all over the trees (I wish I knew what they were called)! I
love being here.

I don’t feel like a whole lot happened this week because I wasn’t
feeling super well, but as usual, we had a lot of good experiences.
Here’s the low-down:

Tuesday we had zone conference, which is basically a half-day long
meeting where some missionaries from the mission all meet together and
listen to talks from the mission president and his wife, the
assistants to the president, and some others. I love these meetings so
much! I love being able to learn and grow and be edified with other
missionaries. This particular zone conference I learned a couple of
things. One of my favorite things a speaker said was, "we don’t always
see the fruits of our labors, but we are planting seeds everyday."
That is so true! Every day we talk to so many people and it can be
discouraging when they aren’t super interested, but even if they
aren’t right now, they might be in the future! And as nice as it would
be for them to get baptized right now, what’s important is that we’re
planting that seed for them to eventually take that step. These things
take time.

That evening we had a lesson with a part member family. The wife was
baptized almost a year ago and the husband is not a member. They are
so awesome, I love them! Anyway, the husband John, has been taught all
of the lessons he just isn’t ready for baptism. During our lesson
that night we read from the Book of Mormon with him and ended up
having this big discussion. He ended up telling us that he wants to be
forgiven and he wants to know God, he just doesn’t know how. It is so
interesting being a missionary, and getting deep down into these
personal things with people who we have just barely met. I love it. If
you are the same way, and you want to know God, get to know Him. He
knows you better than anyone else does and He wants you to have that
relationship with Him. You just have to open up. I hope that as we
continue to meet with John, we can help him to strengthen that
relationship with God.

Like I said, it was kind of an off week, so I don’t have a ton of
missionary experiences to talk about…but I wanted to let everyone
know about some fun facts about Anaheim/my area. Fun fact
#1….there’s no parking in Anaheim. Ever. Trying to go see someone?
Yeah good luck you won’t be able to find a place to park. We do a lot
of parking and then walking….it’s good for you, right? Fun fact #2
this city never sleeps! So many sirens, and just tons of noises. I
love it though. Fun fact #3 the ward I’m currently serving in is my
mission president’s ward…hahah it can be pretty interesting. We
literally see him all the time. And in this area we don’t have access
to our church building very much during the week so we go to the
mission home to use their bathroom a few times a week. It’s funny. I
love being around the Taggarts though, they’re the best!

Soo moving on…Sunday was an awesome day! So good. First we went to
church, and our sort-of investigator Angela came! And she brought her
two kids 🙂 so she’s a sort of investigator because we haven’t
actually taught her but she’s come to church 3 times. The Sunday
before I got here she came to church with her boyfriend who is a
member of a ward in the Garden Grove stake. He brought her to our ward
since she lives in these boundaries. And the next week he brought her
again. And this week she came again, without him, and brought her
kids! So golden right?! She even makes comments during gospel
principles class and is just so awesome. The catch is, she’s extremely
busy and we haven’t been able to teach her yet…but she keeps coming
to church so..woohoo! Hopefully we can finally get to teach her soon!

Remember Sam? He’s the man I taught in Garden Grove who just randomly
showed up to church one day. Well after church on Sunday, he was
baptized!! Yayay!! It was such a special day and he was so happy. I’m
so happy for him. He’s awesome! It’s so wonderful to see people’s
lives change.

So after Sam’s baptism, we went to the missionary musical fireside in
Garden Grove. Right before I was transferred out of GG, they started
planning this fireside and I was in it. But then I got transferred!
Luckily though, I was able to still be in the fireside and make a
little trip back to garden grove for it. It was so awesome, we
basically taught the restoration through song. Singing about gospel
topics is my favorite form of sharing a testimony. The Spirit was so
strong and it was just awesome. And it was fun to see my friends in
garden grove again!

Wellll that’s about it for now. It was an awesome week. I love the
gospel. I love the Lord. I hope you all have an amazing week!

All my love,

Sister Martinez

Zone conference with my cute companions!

Sam’s baptism 🙂

Garden grove 💖


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