week thirty-two: toodle doo to trio life

Wellll hello! How’s everyone doing? Not too much has happened this week but it’s all good. All good things.

This week we had a ton of set appointments, and every single one of them fell through except for one. It was a little sad, but instead of getting discouraged we just kept going and kept trying to find people to teach.

Wednesday night we had an awesome finding opportunity. For the past few years our ward has put on an open house. Basically, there’s an elementary school across the street from the church that has a very small parking lot, so we share ours with them. Every year the school has an open house for all of the families of students at the school, so we conveniently have an open house with free food for all of those families to come to, for food and also to learn about the gospel if they so desire. This was an excellent opportunity for us to mingle with people. We were able to talk with lots of awesome people about the restoration of the gospel. It was so great! None of them live in our area, but we were still able to find people who are ready and I am so grateful for that.

Friday we had yet another lesson with Caroline. She is seriously so awesome. She’s basically a member without being baptized, so sometimes it just feels like we’re waiting for her to walk down those steps into the font. She’s so close. I know that the day she is baptized will be a special one.

Friday night there was a presentation called Christ in the Americas. It’s put on by a member of another stake who has a Ph.D. in theology and is very well versed in that subject. He basically provides historical evidence that backs up the Book of Mormon. It’s super awesome and is a great opportunity for investigators and recent converts to learn more. We invited 5 people, all of whom promised to come. And none of them ended up coming. It was a little discouraging, especially after the week of missed appointments that we had. Right now we are just praying really hard for all of the people we teach to progress in someway.

Saturday night was transfer calls. We found out that Sister Burgess and I will be staying together in the Anaheim 1st ward, and Sister Kieffer will be moving to another ward in our stake. The trio is no longer! I am grateful for the opportunity that I’ve had to have two companions at once. Trios are awesome, they have their challenges, but they are so much fun. The trio will be missed! But I am excited to move forward with this new transfer. I love that with each new transfer comes a fresh start. I love that because of Jesus Christ, we can have fresh starts. And it is only through Him that we can be cleansed and have the opportunity to improve and become who our Heavenly Father wants us to be. We each have the potential to become who we never thought we could. And it’s all because of Him.

I’m grateful for this gospel and for this opportunity that I have to serve a mission.

I hope you all have an amazing week!


Sister Martinez
Zone pic!


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