week thirty-six: welcome to anaheim

Hello hello everyone! Just a warning, this may be one of the shortest weekly emails I ever send…mostly because it feels like P day just happened. It’s so weird having our P days change because everything just feels so off…all good things though.

I don’t have a lot to specifically write about this week so we’ll see where this goes.

Friday we had a lesson with Caroline. It’s hard because she wants to be baptized, but she also feels like she needs to have permission from her parents (in person) to get baptized, even though she has kids of her own. She was supposed to be going on a trip to visit them next week but no tickets have been bought yet. They are struggling financially right now and so they aren’t sure if they are still going on the trip. This makes things difficult regarding her baptism, because if she can’t go see them, then she can’t ask them for permission, and therefore probably won’t be baptized any time soon. She’s so ready for baptism it’s not even funny. Obviously Heavenly Father is trying to teach us some patience right now. Love her so much though.

Actually, I think most of this week we were being taught about patience. We weren’t able to meet with either of our people on date for baptism this week, Ginny nor Angela, which means their dates will probably have to be pushed back. Which is okay. It’s just so hard when you know people are ready, they just aren’t fully committed yet. Angela is super ready for baptism. I don’t know why she doesn’t meet with us consistently and I might not ever understand, but I’m sure there’s something we need to learn from this. Ginny is not quite ready. Ginny is so awesome and super prepared, it’s just her parents holding her back right now. They are okay with her being baptized, but they want to make sure she makes the right decision, which makes sense. Just hoping that they will both eventually be able to be baptized and make covenants with our Heavenly Father.

Some exciting news– Anthony and Moises are getting baptized this weekend 🙂 a little background: about a month ago, Anthony randomly showed up at church and was interested. He loved it. Then at the open house our ward had, he brought his friend, Moises, with him. They ended up living on the elder’s side, so the elders have been teaching both of them. And this weekend they will be getting baptized! We’re so excited and happy for them.

Something we’ve been talking about a lot in our district meetings is miracles. I’ve realized that everyday there is a miracle. It doesn’t matter how much we got done, or did, there is always a miracle. It’s so incredible. On Friday, we were walking to go see a recent convert, when this guy, named Mitch, randomly asked if we were Mormons. He continued to ask us some more questions, like if we drink soda, etc. He was super nice, and we got his number, and he told us to call him about church. It felt like nothing was really going on these past couple of days, so meeting Mitch really was a miracle.

I’m grateful for the gospel. I’m grateful for my mission. Missions are really hard. Everyday is a struggle. But everyday is also a blessing. I know that the hard things come so that we can grow and progress, and come closer to our Heavenly Father. I know that through Christ, every hard thing can become a blessing in some way.

I hope you all have an amazing week!

All my love,

Sister Martinez 💘
There are so many hidden gems in anaheim. I love it.

Birthday fun for Sister Gregory!

Polly the trolley 🙂


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