week thirty-eight: the adventures of snorky + sista

Hello everyone! Holy cow it’s been such a crazy week but it’s been filled with miracles and tender mercies.

It was another week filled with service, but the difference between this week and last was that we found a better balance of doing service, while still being able to do regular missionary work.

We did service Monday night, Tuesday, Wednesday, and twice on Thursday. Most of it was for the same member who is moving, and this week she left. For the past two weeks we have helped her a lot, with cleaning out her things and packing them up for her to move. She lives under difficult circumstances, she is her husband’s caretaker and also has health problems of her own. She was so grateful for the help that we gave her, and I’m so grateful that we were able to help her.

Like I said, we did a lot of service but also had some super awesome experiences in the mix. Tuesday evening we went to go try a part member family. The wife, and her mom are recent converts of a little over a year and aren’t very active, and her husband isn’t a member. We used to meet with them every week and read the Book of Mormon, but in the past month and a half or so we haven’t been able to make contact with them. At first we were just giving them a little bit of a break, but then they wouldn’t text us back, or they would tell us not to come over, we couldn’t ever find them home, etc. Tuesday night we finally saw them. We had a really long talk with the husband and had a very spiritual conversation with him. He wants to learn about the gospel so badly, he wants to accept it. He just doesn’t know how. So we told him that if he is ready, we’re here to help him learn and take those steps. It was so awesome. Hopefully things will start to move forward with him!

Wednesday evening we were able to witness a miracle. The Sister Training Leaders in our zone, Sister Paulson and Sister Carey-Fuson, were on exchanges with some other sisters last week and met this woman and her son, Josie and David, in the park. They felt very prompted to go talk to them, and ended up teaching them the restoration in full and committing them to baptism. It turns out Josie and David actually live in our area, so we went to go have a pass off lesson with them. When we first stopped by the house, Josie wasn’t home yet from work so we decided to come back in 45 minutes. We split off and did other things and then came back. When we came back, she was so happy to see all of us and we were able to sit down and talk with her. We were talking about how our boundaries work and why we were there and she starts to say, “I have to be honest with you…” We thought that she was about to drop us. But then she goes on to say that she wanted to be taught by Spanish speaking missionaries because her husband only speaks Spanish and she wants her whole family to be taught and baptized. It was so powerful. And she is soo ready. I’m so excited for the Spanish missionaries to teach her and her family.

Thursday night was super productive. We met and taught a few people. We were knocking in the neighborhood of a referral we had received, and this man named Ramone was outside of his house. We went to go talk to him, and he was super interested. He spoke pretty good English but said he would prefer Spanish missionaries. We taught him the restoration, and he seemed excited about reading the Book of Mormon, and about learning more. So that was awesome. We kept going down the street, and we got to the last house on the street. A man opened the door and you could hear a house full of kids in the background. He came outside to talk to us, and ended up only speaking Spanish. Normally I can get by in conversation, explain who we are and why we’re there, and ask if we can send Spanish missionaries to them…but this time I was able to share more. I explained that the message we share about Jesus Christ is important and that he and his family needed to hear it from Spanish missionaries. He agreed that we could send them, and gave us a time for them to come visit him. I know that at that moment, the Spirit gave to me the words that I said. Sometimes I surprise myself with the things that I am able to say in a language I don’t practice very often. I know that Antonio is prepared and I am excited for the Spanish missionaries to go visit him and teach his family.

Also, random, but every time I meet a Spanish speaker they always boost my self esteem and tell me I speak very good Spanish even though I know they are just being nice hahah. Antonio said my Spanish was “limpia” y “no tiene acento”. So there’s that. I wasn’t called Spanish speaking, but in Anaheim I am Spanglish-speaking. 🙂

Friday night we had another miracle. Nothing had really happened yet that day, we weren’t finding any success. We were walking to try a potential investigator who we’ve already tried multiple times, so this was our last time. As we’re walking, we walk past this man. He was a little far away but I still made the effort to say hi and ask how he was. He was a little too far away to give a card to though. So we knock on the potential’s house, and no one answers. As we’re walking back, to my surprise, the man I said hi to before was still outside and this time he was sitting and was closer to the sidewalk. Sister Burgess walked up and gave him a card. We ended up sharing with him about the restoration and gave him a Book of Mormon. He seemed excited about it, and set up a return appointment with us. When we were going to pray with him at the end, he told us that he had recently had a death in his family. I really believe that that was something preparing him to hear about the gospel. And I know that Heavenly Father sends us to specific places to meet people we often aren’t expecting to. I know that we went to go try that potential so that we could meet Rafael. And as we drove away, he was already reading from the Book of Mormon. 🙂

Well, today is the beginning of a new transfer! Sister Burgess will be leaving me for her last six weeks, and I am getting a new companion, Sister Benn. Transfers are always so hard because change is hard, but I know that it is necessary so that we can grow and progress. I’m excited to see what this transfer will bring. Areas change, companions change, but one thing always stays the same…our purpose. To invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel. I am grateful for the gospel and I know with all my heart that it is true.

Until next week!


Sister Martinez ❤️
Accidental matching at service!

Zone pic ✌🏼️

My district this last transfer!

Surprise! Look who came to the mish this week. Don’t worry, I didn’t seem them, but President and Sister Taggart did. 😊


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