week forty: 9 months and no baby

Hello everyone!! How’s it going? Things are good here. Being a missionary rocks. I feel like I add too much fluff at the top so let’s get to the real stuff.

Tuesday we taught Angela again. It always goes so well. We moved her baptism date again, but this time it’s set in stone for August 27th. The only reason is so that we can finish teaching her the lessons in time. We are soo excited. She’s so ready!! Even though it feels like it’s taken awhile to get to this point, I know that she is becoming truly converted to the gospel because of it and it’s so awesome.

Wednesday night we went by to see a recent convert/part member family. We used to go over every week and read the Book of Mormon with them. But in the past couple of months we’ve been giving them a break. We finally went back a couple weeks ago, and the wife who is a member avoided us, but her husband who is not a member was all ears and let us teach him. It was so weird. Anyway so when we went by Wednesday night, she ignored us again. The husband told us to sit outside with him and said she was hiding from us. He was joking…but also kind of serious. So when it comes time to read, he has to go inside to get his Book of Mormon, he can’t find it so she brings it out to him. She says hi, so we invite her to read with us. She then proceeds to apologize to us and tell us that she is attending another church now. What the heck? Everything just switched. He wasn’t interested before, but she was. Now she’s not, and he is. It’s so weird and I don’t know what’s happening. But hopefully things will work out there eventually….

Funny story. There were so many this week! Friday night we decided to go to a farmer’s market in our area to go finding. There’s a trolley that takes you from the farmer’s market to our apartment, so we rode it home. We really wanted to give out a Book of Mormon…so we decided we were going to leave it on our seat on the trolley. We get off the trolley and start to quickly walk away when we hear multiple people yell from the trolley, “excuse me, you forgot your book”. Hahaha so embarrassing. We took the book back 😦 sad day. We tried.

Well I don’t have a ton to talk about this week so I’ll share a couple more funny stories…

So funny thing. Sometimes I’m awkward (all the time actually) and when I introduce myself to people I say that I’m from the “Arlington 1st Ward” instead of the “Anaheim 1st Ward” hahah it’s a struggle. You can take the girl out of A-town but you can’t take A-town out of the girl.

Last night when we were driving home a man biked past us while simultaneously holding a long fishing pole. It was the “reel” deal. Hahaha. I think I’m funnier than other people do but that’s ok

Welll…Thursday was my 9 month mark. Aka I’m halfway. It’s the weirdest feeling. I feel like I’ve been gone for a week but at the same time it feels like it’s been forever. So many mixed feelings. Part of me is so excited for the next 9 months, to learn and grow and accomplish so much more. But another part of me is so sad that I only have 9 months left 😦 sometimes I never want my mission to end, but it’s going to. So I’ve gotta make these last 9 months amazing. And I know they will be. What better thing to be doing than serving the Lord?

I’m so grateful for this gospel and for the knowledge and testimony I have of it that grows daily.

I hope you all have an amazing week!


Sister Martinez 💕

Popsicles for 9 months!

Angela! I love her 🙂

We went “golfing” for P-day. ⛳️

Sometimes you just need to share the gospel with a goose


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