week forty-one: very sucks

Hi hi!! I hope everyone had a good week! I definitely did. Being a missionary is pretty much just the best thing ever. We saw so many miracles this week. Here are some highlights from this week!

Monday night we had another lesson with Angela. Things are finally moving along with her. We taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ. I LOVE that lesson. I love inviting people to repent. To repent means to change, for the better. And I love knowing that we are helping people change their lives. It’s only through the gospel of Jesus Christ that we can improve and change for the better. I would invite you all to find a way to come closer to Him this week.

Tuesday nothing was really happening…when all of a sudden we get a text from Ginny’s mom!! We hadn’t heard from them in over a month and we thought they were dropping us…but she texted us and said that they had been super busy and that they were now available to meet with us and come to church. Ahh!! Such a tender mercy! We ended up setting up an appointment with her and it went really well.

Wednesday we went and did service for a less active member. We’ve been helping her out every week for over a month now, and there has been so much improvement in her yard and garage. Yay! Also this day when we went over, her niece was there who is not a member but is super interested. We were able to share a message and we’re hoping that she will contact the missionaries where she lives.

Thursday afternoon we tried contacting at a farmer’s market again. This time we had better luck. A girl who runs one of the booths at the other farmer’s market, who we talked to last time, was there again! This time we had a 20 minute conversation with her about our purpose as missionaries and about the restoration. She was sooo nice. I don’t know if anything will come from it, but I’m grateful we were able to help her be more comfortable with missionaries, so one day if she meets more she will want to talk to them. It’s little things that prepare people all the time. It’s so awesome.

Friday we had our lesson with Ginny! Yay!! It went really well. We taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ. She is still super interested and loves everything we teach her. Hopefully we can get her on date for baptism again!

So funny story…Friday afternoon we were extremely exhausted from the heat. We pulled up next to the church to use the bathroom and ended up falling asleep in our car by accident. We woke up super confused and went on with our day. Then…Sunday after church we’re at the water fountain when a man from another ward says, “Hey are you sisters?” We said yes…then he proceeds to tell us that he saw us sleeping in our car the other day at the church. HAHAHA HOW EMBARRASSING. He said he wanted to wake us up but that we looked so peaceful…I can’t. He was really nice about it though. Hahaha life…

Saturday we went on exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders, Sister Webb and Sister Crowther. Sister Benn went with Sister Webb to their area in Fullerton, and Sister Crowther came here with me! It was such an awesome exchange. Also Sister Crowther spent 6 months in this area, so it was nice to get some of her insights about it.

So we started off the day with a finding activity with our district. We had a free car wash at the church! We held signs out on the street and tried to get people to come..then we would wash their car for free, and while they waited, they would take a tour of the church! We were mostly just experimenting, and weren’t sure how it would turn out, but we ended up washing almost 20 cars! We also gave multiple church tours, got some contact info, and gave out a few Books of Mormon. So awesome!! We’ll definitely be doing it again sometime.

Sunday evening we had dinner Angela. Always such a good time at her house. She and her kids are hilarious and just so awesome. After dinner, we planned her baptism and scheduled our next few lessons. Her baptism is actually happening and ahh we’re so excited!! I can’t believe it’s finally almost here.

I love the gospel. I’m so grateful for it and for the opportunity that I have to change and become better. The gospel is change…we are all given the opportunity to do so through the atonement of Jesus Christ. It is a gift for ALL of us, we just have to choose whether or not we will accept it. I hope you all will accept the gift, and use the atonement in your daily lives.

I hope you all have an amazing week!

All my love,

Sister Martinez
The OC

Joe’s obsession

Car wash!!

Sister Kieffer!!

Exchanges with Sister Crowther! ❤️


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