week forty-two: hmmm exquisite

Well hello everyone! Hope you’re all well. It was an amazing week. Gosh I have so much to talk about I have no idea how I’m going to put it all into one email but I’ll do my best.

Two words I would use to describe this week are miracles and meetings.

This week we were able to teach Angela all of the commandments. It was awesome. She is willing to follow all of them, even though she knows it won’t be easy. All was well with her throughout the week.

Thursday we had zone conference. I love meetings so much. Before my mission, I looked at things like that as boring and kind of a waste of time..but now it’s so exciting and I’m always so happy to learn all these new things. This zone conference was centered on the Book of Mormon. It was so great, I LOVE THE BOM. Seriously. If you haven’t read it, read it!!! It’s a book that was literally written for our day. The things in it will lead you and guide you, because they were written for you! We are the choice generation. We are here right now, because Heavenly Father knew that we would be able to carry out His work. So get to it!

Nothing was really going on this week…and I was beginning to think we weren’t going to be able to teach anyone other than Angela and Caroline. Then we went to go try a referral, no luck. We were knocking on all the houses down the street the referral lived on and had no luck, then we got to the last house. A man named Henry opened the door. He wasn’t super interested at first, but as soon as we started talking about the Book of Mormon he opened up more, and set a return appointment with us. Yay! Just when you think nothing will happen, God works miracles.

Sunday we had the incredible opportunity of hearing Elder Oaks speak. He was in town for a stake conference and also wanted to talk to us missionaries while he was here. It was so incredible. When he first started speaking he was telling us about how he had absolutely no time to prepare for this, so he didn’t have any background info and he didn’t have any specific topics he wanted to speak about, so his talk was done totally by the Spirit. Everything he spoke about, was exactly what I needed to hear. And I’m sure what others in the mission needed to hear as well. It was just yet another confirmation to me that Heavenly Father is so mindful of His children. Elder Oaks doesn’t know anything about any of our specific situations, but with the Spirit he was able to give us the direction and guidance we needed at this time. It’s so cool how that works.

So everything was all hunky dory….then we get in the car after the meeting with Elder Oaks and we have a text from Angela saying that she needs to postpone her baptism and that she doesn’t have a date yet. Our hearts sunk. The whole car ride home we sat in silence having no idea of what to do. Eventually we found out that he reason is because her boyfriend (who is a member, he was planning on baptizing her) would no longer be able to baptize her, and that he would have to wait at least a month to be able to. Angela was so upset. She was so set on having him baptize her, so it was almost like she didn’t want to get baptized unless he did it. We called other missionaries for advice, and we were told we should pray about it to see if she really was supposed to be baptized on the 27th. We prayed about it, and afterwards just sat in silence. Then both Sister Benn and I pulled up the scriptures on our iPads. I went to 2 Nephi, she went to 3 Nephi. Wasn’t really ringing a bell for me. Then we both grabbed our hard copy scriptures….and without even talking about it we opened up to the same chapter. Alma 5. Clear answer to prayer or what? In that chapter it talks a lot about the sense of urgency there is with being baptized (it’s so good, read it). From that moment, we knew Angela was supposed to be baptized on the 27th. After this experience, we asked Angela if she would like a priesthood blessing, to give her peace and comfort. She said she did and to come over as soon as we could. So we brought the bishop over and he gave her a blessing. It was so amazing. She really felt the spirit. After the bishop left, we stayed with Angela and told her about the experience we had. We talked with her for awhile about how it’s not really about who baptizes you, but just the fact that you’re getting baptized by someone with priesthood authority. When we were done talking she said she would pray about it and get back to us. Better than nothing…but then, right before we were leaving, she told us to go ahead with the baptism and that she would have Brother Davis, our ward mission leader baptize her instead. Ahhh!!! What an emotional rollercoaster. But she is getting baptized this Saturday, and all is well in the world again. Such a miracle.

After this week, there is no doubt in my mind that Heavenly Father has a front row seat in this work. Actually, even closer than that. He’s like the head of the behind the scenes crew. He knows exactly what’s going on and He’s there to help us. This work is miraculous. And I’m so grateful to be doing it. I know this gospel is true, and I love it so much.

I hope you all have an amazing week!

All my love,

Sister Martinez 💕
Blood drive this week!

Angela’s son, Austin, brought us milk and cookies during our lesson. So precious.

When you accidentally run into your boyfriend on your mission…


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