week forty-three: spiritual 911, what’s your emergency?

Hi hi! Wow it was such an amazing week. The work here is just moving forward so well. I’m so grateful for all of the miracles we witness daily. The majority of this week was spent preparing for Angela’s baptism, so I apologize if I talk about that a lot 🙂 just so happy for her and love her tons.

Tuesday we taught Angela her last lesson before baptism. She is just so prepared. It’s so incredible that Heavenly Father begins to prepare these people and then prepares a way for us to find them. He just does everything so perfectly.

Thursday was her baptismal interview. It was awesome. Afterwards, President Taggart (he interviewed her), told us that she is wonderful and well-prepared. Honestly that helped so much. It was a confirmation to me that we really have worked hard with helping prepare Angela and sometimes you just need those little boosts to help you realize all that you are doing. Although, frankly, Angela was already very prepared, we just helped a little along the way. 🙂

Friday we were able to have a pass off lesson with some elders who also meet in our building but a different ward. They have this woman, Lauren, who has been coming to their ward the past few weeks because she is dating a member of their ward. But she actually lives in our boundaries, so she is going to start coming to our ward. So we reviewed the restoration with her and the elders. She is SO awesome. She is a single mom of 4 kids and is going through a lot right now but she is seriously just so great. She loves the church and says she is ready to be baptized. And both she and her 9 year old daughter, Simaiya, want to be baptized. I swear, these people just pop up out of nowhere sometimes and it is so incredible. Truly blessings from heaven.

Saturday was the big day–Angela’s baptism! Oh my goodness it was so amazing. Her service was beautiful. And seeing her be baptized and knowing how ready she was, was just such a good feeling. All of her kids came, as well as the only member in her family, her cousin. Even her coworker who she invited came. It was so awesome. She is already an amazing member missionary. Take notes. Hahah

Sunday came and it was Angela’s confirmation. She just looked so light and happy afterwards. I’m so happy for her. Also…so we thought that our new investigator Lauren wouldn’t be coming to church because she was supposed to have a root canal the day before. But she ended up coming anyways and brought her kids. Yay!! Afterwards she told us that she loved this ward, too, and that the people are just as kind as in the other one. I am so excited to help her continue to progress toward baptism!!

So yet another miracle. After church, we got this text from Angela saying that her son, Austin would like to be baptized into the church. WHAT. We freaked out. He goes to primary every week and loves it, but we weren’t sure about baptism yet. She had him baptized in another church a year ago and so he didn’t really understand the difference. But now he does. And he wants us to start teaching him. So exciting!!

Sunday night, I kind of had this realization. On my mission I’ve struggled a lot with being able to see the good that I am doing…but after this week I really do believe that I am doing all the Lord has required of me. I know I am doing His will and accomplishing the things that I need to. I am so grateful I was able to receive that confirmation. I know that this is the most incredible thing I will ever do and I’m so happy to be here.

I hope you all have an amazing week!


Sister Martinez 💕

Us with Angela, her kids, and her cousin.

A member had this in their backyard. I died


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