week forty-nine: humna humna humna

Hi everyone! It was a short week because of the temple last week, but it was short and sweet. 🙂

Thursday I went on another exchange with Sister Burns. It was such an amazing day! We saw so many miracles. I could go on and on but I will just talk about one. For the past couple of months we’ve been planning on seeing a potential named Heidi, but for some reason we never get to it. Well this day we finally made it over there. As we pulled up, we parked in front of a man, named Abraham, who was washing his car in his driveway. We waved just to say hi, but he thought we were signaling for him to come over. So he came up to our car window and asked if we needed to tell him something…of course we told him we’d love to talk with him! We ended up talking with him, through the car window, about how some people only act like Christians on Sundays and then are different the rest of the week, and a little bit about the restoration. At the end we said a prayer with him, and afterwards he was silent for about 5 seconds. He sincerely thanked us for the prayer. I know he felt the Spirit! He told us we could come back whenever to share more with him. 🙂 so that was miracle number one….number two: we went to go knock on the potential we were originally trying to find. A man named Joel answered the door and introduced himself. He was in a rush to leave, but since Heidi wasn’t there we asked if he would be interested in learning more. He said yes and that he’s actually been looking for a change in his life….he gave us his number and wants to make time to meet with us. Sometimes I just can’t get over how prepared people are. I feel like I say this every week, but it’s so true! Seeds have been planted and they are starting to bloom!

Saturday was so awesome. It was Austin’s baptism!! It was so incredible to see the fruits of a seed that was planted four years ago when Angela’s coworker (who is a member) told her about the Church. Austin and his family were so happy, and so were we. The next day in Fast and Testimony meeting, Austin got up and bore his testimony. In front of everyone! He talked about how he saw his mom get baptized, so he asked God if he should get baptized and God told him yes. The sweetest testimony. Later, Angela got up as well. It’s just so incredible to see people grow in the gospel. Even as recent converts, their testimonies strengthen mine.

Later on in the meeting, a member whose daughter is currently at BYU Hawaii went up and bore her testimony. She mentioned that her daughter has just decided to serve a mission. That led to a lot of reflection for me. It was about two years ago, at this same time in October, that I was at BYU Hawaii and I decided to serve a mission. Just that one decision has changed my life forever. Serving a mission is the most incredible thing I’ve ever done! I am eternally grateful for this opportunity. Something that has been so incredible on my mission is the overwhelming feeling of love that I have for everyone around me. I have felt a glimpse of the love that Heavenly Father has for us. It is amazing. I know this is His work. I know that the Spirit leads and guides my every step. I have felt it. I’m so grateful for this gospel and for the love that I feel from my Heavenly Father.

Welll…transfers are next week. And I have the feeling that this will be my last week in the Anaheim 1st ward. I love this area. So much growth and progression, with the people here as well as with myself. If I leave, I will definitely miss it. But I will be happy with wherever the Lord needs me 🙂 stay tuned!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!


Sister Martinez 🌸

Austin in his whities!

Austin with his "future missionary" tag 🙂


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