week sixty-three: mormon chicks

Hello all! Wow it was such a great week. We accomplished so much and saw so many miracles. I have so much to talk about!

Tuesday we just happened to be in the neighborhood of one of our investigators, Daniel. We hadn’t seen him in over a month so we decided to stop by. We finnnnally saw him. He opened his door and told us he was officially "ready to surrender". Aka come to church, be baptized, etc. He is going through a hard time and feels like this is God giving him a sign that he needs to strengthen his faith. He set a return appointment with us and told us to find him a ride for church on Sunday. We weren’t even planning on visiting him.

I got a little sick this week…and within one day I completely lost my voice. I’m a missionary, all I do is talk!! Hahah well on Wednesday, Sister Harrison had to do most of the teaching while I sat there and smiled. And tried to speak but could hardly make a sound. But it came back pretty quickly. 🙂

We had a lesson on Wednesday with our investigator Blanca. We met her in December and showed her Light the World, she loved it! At that time, she was pregnant and the baby was overdue! We thought we might not see her again. BUT! We saw her again a few weeks ago, newborn baby and all, and she set a return appointment with us. We were able to teach her the restoration and she was so receptive. There’s a little bit of a language barrier because she is a native Spanish speaker, but she got the gist of what we were saying, and this week we’re going back to teach her again with the Spanish elders!

Saturday was amazing. We talked with and met so many wonderful people. We were at an apartment complex trying to find a woman named Erica who told us to come back. We knocked on our door, and instead, her son Jeffrey answered. He was super open to having us come back. He doesn’t really have faith, but he said he wants to strengthen the faith he does have. Before we left, we asked if we could pray with him. He told us he didn’t know how to, so we taught him how to do it right there at the door. Afterwards he said he would try to do it that night on his own. I am so grateful to be able to share this joy with people who just have no idea.

Sunday night we went to go try a less active member. They weren’t home, and we had about 10 minutes left before we needed to go home. We didn’t really know what to do, but when we first got to her street, I had the feeling that we needed to try her next door neighbor. We decided to knock the three houses around her. The first two didn’t answer. Then we tried the last one, which was the one I had a feeling about….and we met Peggy. She was busy at that moment but told us she wanted us to come back and teach both her and her children. I know Heavenly Father leads us to the exact places we need to be in at the right times.

I feel like every week, there’s a different theme among all of the different people we meet and visit with. This week, we met a lot of people with questions. And by questions, I mean doubts. PEOPLEEEEEE. Please. Doubt your doubts before your faith. It is perfectly okay to have questions, everyone has questions. But do not doubt your faith. Hold onto your faith. Nourish it, and it will grow from a seed into a beautiful plant! Or flower. Or tree. Whatever you want it to be. In my case, it’s a cactus. But anyway. Faith is so important. Ask Heavenly Father any question you have, and I promise He will answer.

I hope you all have an amazing week!


Sister Martinez 🌵

Bright and early saying goodbye to Sister Burns 😭

The Powell family from our ward. They moved to Texas this week!


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