week sixty-six: where two or three are gathered

Hi people!! It was suuuuch a crazy but also amazing week. I feel like I always have so much to talk about!

To sum up the crazy from this week: I successfully finished a college application in 36 hours. It was due Wednesday and I didn’t find out until Monday because my mind has been on other things (aka missionary work). So that was interesting. Tuesday night we got a call that there would be an emergency transfer and we would be getting a new companion and also covering a 2nd area. !!!!what!!!! So Monday morning, two became three, and we welcomed Sister Sainan into our companionship. Sister Sainan is from Thailand (she’s teaching us Thai), has been on her mission for 10 months, and fun fact: we had the same first area (Valley View in Garden Grove). I love her so much!! So adjusting to a new companion has not been hard at all. BUT as I mentioned before, we are now covering both the Placentia and Yorba Linda areas for the next two weeks, until the transfer ends. A little bit stressful but Heavenly Father has been blessing us everyday.

Our goal everyday has been to try to spend an equal amount of time in each area. It’s been hard to spend a lot of time in the Yorba Linda area, but every time we’ve been able to go, we’ve taught someone unexpectedly. It’s been incredible to see how the Lord has provided a way for us to somehow keep both areas alive and thriving.

Thursday we had an incredible experience. We went to go try some potentials in Yorba Linda, and ended up meeting some of their family members instead. They immediately welcomed us in and offered us something to drink. They just moved here from Abu Dhabi! They are Muslim, but they were interested in understanding more about what we believe. It was amazing to be able to sit down with them and talk about the similarities we have. They were probably some of the kindest people I’ve ever met. The mom, Nihal, put the restoration pamphlet we gave her with her most holy books. It was just a really special experience. She wants us to come back and talk more with her and her children.

We had some interesting experiences on Friday and Saturday. We had two lessons that we thought would happen differently than they did. Friday we taught a woman named Karen, and Saturday we taught a man named Chris. They are both very kind people, but our visits were very stressful. They were both very interested in teaching us pretty much about how what we believe is wrong rather than letting us teach them what we know will bless their lives. It’s hard sometimes. People don’t understand that we are just seeking to bring them closer to Christ and that our message will bring them more joy and peace than they could ever understand. But honestly, meeting with them just strengthened my testimony even more.

I know that this is truly Jesus Christ’s church. The gospel means everything to me. I can’t even put it into words. I know that Heavenly Father knows and loves each of us and that he really does have a plan of happiness for us. The Book of Mormon and the Bible are both the word of God. I know this. I’m eternally grateful for my Savior who strengthens me everyday, and helps me do things that I know I could not do on my own.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!


Sister Martinez 🌺
Our new bedroom setup

The trio!

15 months, 3 months, 10 months ⏰


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