week sixty-eight: #operationsalvation

Hola!! Hope everyone is doing awesome! Today is transfer day so it’s super crazy, and I don’t have a ton to write about so I’ll fill you in on what’s new and share a couple miracles.

Well, my time in Placentia has come to a close! The past three transfers have been amazing. I have seen the ward and area grow so much since being here and I’m grateful for the time I’ve had to serve. As for now…I have been called as a Sister Training Leader and my new companion is Sister Garcia! She’s from Bothel, Washington and she’s super awesome. We are serving in the Orange Hills YSA (young single adult) Ward, covering the Irvine side. So our area is out of the mission boundaries which is kinda cool. Lots of change but I’m excited for what’s to come!

This week our investigator Rogelyn progressed so much. She is the perfect example of how the gospel can completely change your life. Rogelyn struggles with many addictions, and she’s been wanting to change for a long time. This week when we met with her, we found out that she’s been sober for two weeks!! And she told us that it’s all because she has prayed and asked for help. She now has a set baptismal date of March 11. I’m sad to leave her, but I’m grateful for all the progression I’ve been able to see in her over the last few months.

Awhile back we met and taught a girl named Elizabeth. She’s 20, and super open to the gospel. She really wants to know if the Book of Mormon is true. Well we haven’t been able to meet with her at all, but this week she texted us and asked if we would meet her at the gas station. I’m telling you, miracles always happen at the gas station. So we talked to her for a couple minutes and she let us know that her mom was not supportive of her looking into other religions but that she was still super interested. Kind of sad, but we know she’ll be taught again in the future. Here’s the miracle, so we had already eaten lunch but Sister Sainan wanted to get a snack from the mini mart at the gas station. This is not normal because Sister Sainan doesn’t really eat a lot. While we’re in there, this young guy approaches us and asks what church we’re from. His name is Joshua and we ended up talking to him for awhile. He is trying to change his life and come closer to God. He was super interested in learning more about the gospel. He gave us all of his information and said we could get the YSA missionaries in contact with him. I know we had to be at that gas station to meet Joshua.

This truly is the Lord’s work. I know that Jesus Christ lives and I’m so grateful for a Savior. The gospel is true, everyone.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!


Sister Martinez 🌿
Heart attacked people for Valentine’s Day on exchanges w/ Sister Hawkins 💝

Placentia Zone!


Said goodbye to so many awesome people!!


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