week seventy-six: the BoM squad

Hello hello! It’s been a busy but awesome week….I feel like I’ve said that almost every week of my mission. We had President
interviews, exchanges, car troubles…but it was still a good week! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

On Wednesday we went on exchanges and I went to Anaheim 4 with Sister DeAdder. It was a great day! Last transfer when I went on exchanges there with Sister Benn, we met and taught this guy named Miguel. Well..when I went back this time, I found out they had put Miguel on date
for baptism!! It was so cool. I love being able to work in different areas even if it’s just for the day.

A couple weeks ago while Sister Garcia was backing me out of a parking space, she started talking to this boy named Angel and got his phone number. We ended up meeting with him this week! He was really receptive and accepted baptism! He’s only 16, so we’ll have to pass him off to the family ward missionaries, but it was still so awesome to find him and teach him. We found a ton of new people this week, but only two of them were YSA’s 😦 we’re kind of having a hard time finding people to teach who are young or single…BUT I have faith that there is someone who’s a YSA in our area who is prepared to receive the gospel

I feel like I don’t have much to say this week so I’ll just say what’s most important. I know with all my heart that Jesus Christ lives. His gospel has been restored to the earth..and nothing brings me more joy! I can’t even imagine my life without the knowledge of my Savior. If you’re searching for: purpose, a sense of belonging, security, peace, eternal life, truth, or a strengthened family….you can find that in Jesus Christ’s restored church. I know that’s true.

Love you all! I hope you have a wonderful week!


Sister Martinez 🌸


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