week seventy-seven: who do you know who recently had a dog?

Hola hola! It was a wonderful week. This transfer is seriously flying by and it’s scaring me but I’m here right now so we’ll just focus on that. 🙂

I went on some awesome exchanges this week. The first one was with Sister Oliekan who is one of our ASL sisters! It was so great. She’s completely fearless so we talked with a ton of people! One of the highlights of the day was when we ran into a woman walking around her neighborhood. She was from Thailand and didn’t know a lot of English. I was able to use some of the few Thai phrases that Sister Sainan taught me to communicate with her! It was so cool. She told us her husband doesn’t like visitors, but she was going to give the passalong card we gave her to her daughter who speaks more English. Planting seeds on the daily.

The second exchange I went on was with Sister Bendixsen. We also had an awesome day of talking with lots and lots of people! Sometimes I walk away from contacts freaking out because of how awkward it was, but then I remember that I was just trying to bring them closer to Jesus Christ and it’s all worth it. We met this guy named Omar (he’s a YSA, hallelujah) who was super open to learning and set a return appointment with us. That was the miracle of the day. Also I awkwardly approached him while he was getting into his car. I thrive in awkward situations.

Sunday night we had a cool experience. About a month ago we met this guy named Anthony who accepted a baptismal date, but we haven’t been able to sit down and teach him since. We were going to go stop by, and while walking to get to his apartment we saw a guy sitting on a bench across the way. It was dark outside so we didn’t approach him but we agreed we would on the way back if he was still there. We stopped by Anthony’s apartment and he wasn’t there, so we walked back. We walked closer to the bench this time and realized it was Anthony who was sitting there!! We ended up teaching him right there and it was awesome. It’s so amazing how that worked out. We couldn’t find a parking spot and ended up having to park really far away…and if we hadn’t parked far away we wouldn’t have walked past Anthony and seen him that first time. But we did and the timing was perfect because the Lord knew we needed to see him.

I love being a missionary so much. I know I say this so much but I really do. For P-day today we went to a mall and I just really prefer being in my mission bubble over being in the world. I just wish that everyone had the gospel. The world would have so much more peace and happiness. If you’re looking for more peace and greater happiness I would 10/10 recommend the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I know it’s true!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

All my love,

Sister Martinez ❤

1. the lake in Irvine 🌊
2. Yep
3. Got to see Sister Burgess!!
4. Exchanges with Sister Bendixsen 🙂


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